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Top Ten Gifts for New Mums

A new mum is always looking after baby, but who's looking after mum?

Not only is Mother's Day fast approaching (mums, get hinting!), but I've just become a new mum for the third time.

Having been through it a couple of times before, I have a good idea of what a new mum really wants. The gifts that will touch her heart, or simply mean the world.

So scroll on down and treat the news mums in your life...they deserve it!

  1. A Mother's Help

Have a look locally and see if there are vouchers or someone you can pay to pop in and support Mama. From washing, cleaning, cooking, or just someone to watch baby while Mum naps. A mother's help covers it all.

2. Cook Meals

Buy her some Cook meals. Meals from Cook can be stored in the freezer and cooked from frozen so are super easy and will really help any new parents when feeling overwhelmed in the newborn bubble. Cook meals are made with no nasties, are super nourishing and are proper comfort dishes. Plus you can register them for the 10% off New Parent scheme incase they want to buy more.

Get them here.

3. Rescue Hamper

As a new mum your body becomes pretty unrecognisable as you deal with the throes of your postnatal body. Mum will hurt in places she never knew she could hurt, she'll be tired, overwhelmed, time poor. So why not fix up a little Rescue Hamper with some bits and bobs to soothe her.

Ideas for a Hamper: Nipple Cream, Space Mask, Oral Arnica (to soothe muscles and aches), Lavender Oil & Milk (it's healing to bathe in), Dry Shampoo, Calendula Soap (this has aitseptic properties - great for both mum and baby), Midnight Snacks, a good quality Hand Cream.

4. New Lounge Wear

Let's face it, some days new mums don't manage a shower, and that's totally normal. These little babies consume so much time and energy. So while mum is in the newborn bubble why not treat her to some nice new loungewear. This takes the pressure off having to look polished all the time, and actually will make her feel good just lounging around the house and enjoying the newborn snuggles, because they don't last forever you know...!

5. TV/Film Subscription

I remember binging on Orange is the New Black with my first and Suits with my second. It's just what you do. New parents tend to lose yourself in a series because they're home all the time and it offers the perfect escapism from the madness. So treat her to a subscription so she can binge-watch whatever she fancies.

6. Cool new scrunchies

A random one but she may be losing hairbands left, right and centre. Having some cool scrunchies are easier to find, are great to stash in the changing bag, and who doesn't love a new accessory to perk them up?!

7. Nourish Candle from The White Company

To be honest, any candle is great. Scented candles are lovely to burn to create a gorgeous calm atmosphere, to unwind in the evening and lift your spirits when you feel depleted. The White Company has a new scent out, called 'Nourish', which I thought was quite appropriate, don't you?! Nourish that Mama, she needs it!

Find it here.

8. Mummy's Bits & Bobs Bag

This bag is great to throw in the Changing Bag when on the move with baby. Babies take up so much space with all their paraphernalia, but mum needs her essentials too. This little bag is perfect, it's light coloured so easy to spot in a big bag and will hold her hairbands, hand cream, nipple cream and whatever else she needs to take with her, when on the move. Winning!

Get it here.

9. Beauty on Wheels

Is your Mama planning a newborn shoot? Or perhaps she has a party/wedding coming up in the future. Even if there's nothing in the diary, it's always good to treat her to a pamper. Why not pay for a beautician to go round and do her nails? It's so hard to get out the house and get a treatment when you have a little one in-tow. So this will be perfect.

10. Coffee Thermos

It's true what they say...a new mum, or any mum for that matter, never finishes a cup of tea. It always sits on the side and gets cold because these little ones will do a poop, will cry for help, will need a cuddle and you just don't get to enjoy that warm cup of tea. It's the same when it comes to finishing sentences too...just wait and see. Anyway, buying her a coffee thermos means it'll keep it warmer for longer. And will be perfect to take out on walks, when she's up to getting out and about.

I found this one on Etsy.

So there you have it, plenty of inspiration.

If you liked this blog, share it with friends, new Mamas, family. And if you have any questions, get in touch!

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I've got you!

Georgia x

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