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On my Birthing Programme, hypnosis utilises a natural state that we go into every day...the state of trance. Every time you focus on something, become engrossed by it, like a good film, book, tv show, you're entering a state of trance. Yep! And the same goes when you're daydreaming, drifting off to sleep or waking up.


In a trance state you are not fully alert nor are you fully asleep. You're aware of your surroundings yet you're giving all your attention to your inner thoughts. 

When we are fully conscious and aware we have a critical factor of the brain that acts as a filter. This filter acts on our belief system, we use it to analyse incoming information. But when we move into the state of trance it becomes side tracked and we become open to suggestions. Hello new thinking!

It's important to know, both positive and negative new ways of thinking can be established at this point. Think about it - there's a tonne of negative hypnosis around us - in tv shows, films, books, everywhere. Every time you hear a horror story you're drawn back to the image you have in your head. And, well, you've guessed it...the more you hear it, the more real it becomes. You believe childbirth is awful.

Think about it - there's a tonne of negative hypnosis around us - in tv shows, films, books, everywhere.

But on my birthing programme I change these outdated beliefs. I put you into a trance-like state to absorb new ways of learning and develop new ways of thinking. Clients leave me excited about their birth, rather than anxious. 

And here's the great thing, once your mind has shifted, inevitably your body will too. With a positive mindset, your physical response to labour will be much more favourable. 


When your mind is relaxed, your body naturally, will follow suit and relax too. In a relaxed body the blood will be flowing effectively, which means your muscles will work efficiently.


If you're calm going into birth your breathing will be slow and your heart rate will be normal.

On top of that, I teach you how to become an expert in relaxation. This is by training the mind to listen to relaxing MP3s and a tonne of positive language about birth. 

We show you how to achieve the perfect level of pregnancy hormones to help you birth. It's all about oxytocin and endorphins. 


Oxytocin is known as “the love drug”. It’s a hormone that is produced when cuddling, kissing and basically being intimate. Endorphins are the “feel good” hormone. They are our body’s natural pain relief.


Enndorphins and oxytocin go hand it hand, and in my opinion, are a force to be reckoned with. They counteract fear and help your uterus work efficiently.

By achieving the perfect cocktail of these hormones, you'll find your birth a lot more manageable.

And if there's just one thing you'll take away from all this; it's mind over matter Mama! You've got this!