Do you need a one-off session to give you that extra boost of confidence before going into labour?

Since the pandemic broke out I've seen pregnant mothers go into birth anxious and fearful. I want to change that.


With my Coaching Calls you will become reassured and confident, prepared for the biggest day of your life. These unique calls are completely tailored to you.

It can be practical advice such as What to Pack in your Hospital Bag to Writing you Birthing Plan. Or tools to cope such as Hypnobirthing Sessions and Breathing Techniques

When you book I'll send you a questionnaire to ensure you get the most from the session and leave feeling positive before your birth.

You wouldn't run a marathon without preparation, the same is said about childbirth. Invest in yourself... selfcare = healthcare!

Coaching Calls: £39 per hour

(online or in-person - your comfort is my priority!)

"We connected with Georgia for a 1-2-1 coaching call to discuss our birth proposal...

Georgia was fantastic! We left the call feeling confident and reassured that we had everything covered. The midwives at our birth referred to the proposal at every stage. It felt great to be able to communicate clearly our wishes, limiting discussion throughout the birth and allowing us to focus on the task in hand - birthing our baby!

We cannot recommend Georgia enough!"

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I teach science based, evidence backed hypnobirthing principles. I am fully insured and my training is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

You will complete the course feeling confident & prepared for the birth of your baby.