Midwifery Care Today

In the UK, maternity services have developed significantly by recognising that midwives should take the lead role in the care of normal pregnancy and labour (Department of Health 2004). 

With midwives taken a lead role, this has been seen to have good outcomes as shared care is met with greater satisfaction from women and reduced intervention rates. 

To achieve positive outcomes, studies suggest that hypnobirthing has a positive impact on the post natal wellbeing.


A three-year NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) funded study into the effectiveness of self-hypnosis during childbirth found that it had a significant impact on the women’s levels of postnatal anxiety and fear about childbirth. There was also a reduction in the number of women taking epidural pain relief whilst using the techniques.  

It is in my opinion then, that midwifery-led care and a hypnobirthing mother, contribute to excellent outcomes for both mother and baby during childbirth and beyond.