My Story

Hi Mama-to-be!

I’m so glad you’re here, because not only are you pregnant (Congrats by the way!), but you’re considering a “life-changing” education in hypnobirthing. It sounds dramatic, but that's how most women describe it. Amazing right?!

I’m Georgia Mathieu, a Mama to two big boys and a girl, all delivered with hypnobirthing. The first, lucky Lex, was 9lbs 4 delivered in a birthing pool at The Rosie. Then came Sonny, my Breech Bruiser, born with an audience of reluctant doctors, paediatricians and midwives who watched me birth him breech insisting on no intervention and breaking all the rules. Then my third, little Sienna, was born at home in the pool shortly after the midwife arrived.

I promise, I don’t have special powers, I’m just your normal girl. All births were the making of me, I found them so empowering. I actually enjoyed them, chatting and smiling throughout because hypnobirthing removes the fear, makes you positive & gives mum & partner each a set of ways to cope with whatever journey your birth takes.  

So if you’re a ball of anxiety; not sure what to expect, fretful yet excited, curious yet cautious, come along to one of my Taster sessions and see what it’s all about. I promise, you won’t regret it! 

Love Georgia x

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