You have completely changed my outlook and by the time the first class was completed I was feeling excited and back to sleeping without horrible dreams! For an anxious person in general you have taught me skills that I will use in every day life even after the birth. To say we are grateful is an understatement. 

Emily Burton

Georgia and the Wise Hippo Programme really helped to prepare and empower me (and my husband) in the lead up to the birth of our baby. Georgia is so lovely and puts you at ease with her own experiences. Whilst in labour, I felt calm and in control, and overall I feel I had a really positive birth - something I wouldn't fear to do again in the future.

Faye Marriage

Georgia is absolutely amazing person, who will help you to go through your pregnancy/ labour fears using hypnosis. You will also get some very useful tools that you can use during your labour - they really helped myself and my partner, as we both (mostly me ofcourse) were panicking about the whole process of giving a birth 😳 . Georgia is also soo friendly and at the same time very professional. You might want to hear her own birthing stories - they are fascinating.

Natalie Skvorcova


Thank you so much for your support throughout, I felt empowered to ask the right thing with your knowledge in my pocket! I knew nothing about breech before all this and I felt ready to do it after speaking with you!

Lauren Creed

Thank you so much for the hypnobirthing classes. I do not think I would have got through my 27hr labour without doing it. The midwives, Joe and my mum were in awe of how the hypnobirthing techniques were helping me and I have time distortion from being able to practice the techniques.

Charlene Michelson

Our baby girl is here...I had a wonderful drug free water birth at the birthing centre and the labour was super quick, I think lots to do with the calm mindset and breathing techniques Georgia taught us. Really empowering feeling. We are over the moon.

Sarah Platt


Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to let my body and baby do the work. It was amazing! Thank you, couldn't have done it without you.

Louise Giffin

Although everything didn't go exactly to plan, I was so happy with the whole experience. I feel like I owe you so much Georgia. I'm so glad I found hypnobirthing & will continue to recommend it to every pregnant person I speak to.

Corinne Hayden

The course served as the perfect refresher. First time round we did NCT, this course covered much of the same information and more! If it was my first time round, knowing what I know know now, I would probably choose this course instead!

Mandy Goodbody