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Top 5 Books for Mums - during Lockdown

1. Parenting The Shit Out of Life - Mother Pukka & Papa Pukka

This book takes on the horrors and humours of modern day parenting. They keep things real, and reassure you that you're not alone in your struggle as a parent - it's hard. Only these modern parents have a wicked sense of humour to help you see light and laughter in all the chaos. You'll be laughing out loud.

2. The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read - Phillippa Perry

Marketed as "the parent book for people who don't buy parent books" - this book is unlike others. To be fair, I don't buy parent books, so I can't compare, but my friends tell me so. Phillippa Perry is a prolific child psychologist. This book is all about the long game, not a quick fix how to deal with this and that, but how to raise a secure, happy child into a secure and happy adult. 

3. First Time Parent - Lucy Atkins

If there's one book to read before having kids it's this one. It's practical, impartial, covers all bases, all areas and all different sorts of mums to offer you a practical guide on how to parent through your baby's first year. From what to pack to your hospital bag, through to navigating your return to work. 

4. French Children Don't Throw Food - Pamela Druckerman

First of all, it's not entirely true. Hubs is a Parisien so I know many French families; they do tantrum and they do throw food. As do mine...shocker! However, I do see an element of what sparked the thread for this book. It's a good read; observational, informative and very witty. 

5. Nobody Told Me: Poetry and Parenthood - Holly McNish

One review on this book just nips it in the bud: "a series of vivid snapshots of the highly emotional, frequently paranoid and always sleep-deprived experience of the first-time parent . . . The world needs this book". Need I say anymore?

I hope you enjoy them, let me know your favourites, and if you have any others, which aren't on my list.

Don't forget in these anxious times to practise some much needed relaxation. You can download my FREE Relaxation MP3 by following this link.

Stay safe and take care of your hands!

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