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Top 5 Series for Mums - during Lockdown

As if pregnancy and motherhood isn't challenging enough, along comes this crazy pandemic, which means life as we know it is going to become even more testing.

I'm here with some help to stop you going stir crazy during lockdown. I'm doing a series sharing my favourite motherhood podcasts, films, netflix series and more. These are guaranteed to get you through the next few weeks.

This week it's my Top 5 Series for Mums, enjoy!

1. Babies - Netflix

This is a new docu-series on Netflix this spring. Producers follows 15 different newborns from all over the world, as both parents and baby begin to navigate their way through the first year of the little one's life. It's utterly fascinating.

2. The Let Down - Netflix

This Aussie based series is hilarious. It's focuses on a new mum who joins a baby group and comes across every other type of mother, including the stay-at-home father. It's a relatable portrayal of motherhood with tonnes of comedy. 

3. Workin' Mums - Netflix

This series has charmed parents all over the world - it revolves around a mum who goes back to work following her first baby. She struggles to achieve a work-mum-life balance, that we can all relate to. It's comical and only 22 minutes long, so perfect to watch if you don't get a whole hour to yourself.

4. You - Netflix

Another Netflix original, this a great gripping thriller, if that's your boat. The second series dropped at the beginning of the year and it's just as good as the first. About a nice-guy narcissist who meets the girl of his dreams, then quietly stalks her to transform himself into her perfect's chilling but addictive. 

5. The Crown - Netflix I'm a huge royalist, so it's inevitable that this is going to make it onto my series list. Such a heart-warming, easy-watching and eye-opening series on our history, our monarchy and the sense of duty our Queen has ruled with. I love her and I love this series. 

Also, if you're a Killing Eve fan, then I've got good news! The third series is due to debut two weeks earlier due to Coronavirus rescheduling. Hooray! Episodes will also air weekly on BBC One, starting on Sunday 19 April at 9pm.

I hope you enjoy them, let me know your favourites, and if you have any others, which aren't on my list.

Don't forget in these anxious times to practise some much needed relaxation. You can download my FREE Relaxation MP3 by following this link.

Stay safe and take care of your hands!


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