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Pregnancy Myths Debunked

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

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Let's face it, so many myths fly around when you're pregnant, and sometimes you're so overwhelmed that it's hard to know who and what to believe.

I thought I'd debunk some myths for you, and set a few things straight...

So here you are, 10 Pregnancy Myths Debunked

1) You can't exercise


It's actually better for you and baby if you stay active during pregnancy, especially if being active was a regular and important part of your lifestyle before falling pregnant. It's safe and healthy to continue exercise, so long as you have no complications or medical reasons not to. Get more information here.

2) When pregnant, eat for two


Research suggests that most pregnant women will only need to consume an additional 200 calories to their existing 2,000 calorie daily recommendation. And it's said this is not until the third trimester.

Generally speaking, I say listen to your body and go with what it craves, but definitely don't pile away the pounds thinking you eat double, because you're eating for two. It doesn't work like that, sorry! Take a look at this link for more info.

3) Hypnobirthing is for those wanting a natural birth


Hypnobirthing is not for earth-loving hippie mothers. It's for anyone who is practical minded, wants to feel in control and enjoy their birth experience. Mothers opting for a c-section can use hypnobirthing techniques as much as mothers choosing to birth at home in a birthing pool.

4) You can't dye your hair


There has been some small research that shows that it is safe to colour your hair during pregnancy. So I'd suggest that you can dye your hair in moderation. Just don't go crazy overboard and change your hair colour every week, and you'll be fine! Read more on dying your hair during pregnancy here.

5) You will have strange cravings


Not all women have strange cravings like pickles or charcoal (yes charcoal!). Some women have cravings, others don't. Cravings can be triggered by hormone changes in our body which effect our taste and smell. Plus there are sharp dips in blood sugar levels, which can influence our appetite.

6) You can't drink coffee


You can drink coffee, but NICE guidelines suggest you do not consume more than 200mg of caffeine a day. So whether that's in your coffee, your chocolate bar or a cup of a tea, be wary and use a caffeine calculator to ensure you stay within the limit. Read more on caffeine during pregnancy here.

7) Morning Sickness only happens in the morning


Morning sickness can occur at any time. Some women experience it in the mornings, other in the evenings, and some during the day. Unfortunately, some women experience it at all three times. It occurs due to a change in hormones and tends to subside after the first three months. Read more on morning sickness here.

8) Eating peanuts and dairy can make your baby allergic


It is advised to avoid these foods only if you yourself are allergic to them. Otherwise, unless a doctor has advised you not to, it is safe to enjoy them. Foods to avoid during pregnancy can be found here.

9) You can't fly during pregnancy


You can fly in pregnancy, infact I travelled to France, Morocco and Iceland during my pregnancies. It's worth noting that as you enter your third trimester (from 28 weeks onwards) different airlines have their own regulations on whether you can fly or not. Some require you to have a doctors note. So check ahead and enjoy that Baby Moon!

10) You can't touch cats when pregnant

Research suggests living with, and stroking cats when pregnant, does not increase your risk of toxoplasmosis. However, it is advised that the parasite can be found in cat litter, so pregnant women are advised not avoid cleaning the litter tray. And obviously, be careful in the garden, if your cat likes to do it's business there. To read more on toxoplasmosis click here.

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I've got you!

Georgia x

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