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Hypnobirthing is for C-sections too...

One of the biggest misunderstandings of hypnobirthing is that it is for women wanting a natural, pain-free, birth.

While that's true to an extent, hypnobirthing is so much more than that. Hypnobirthing can help any mother prepare for her birth, regardless of what birth she will have, and yes, that includes c-sections.

Ultimately, what hypnobirthing does is supports the mother to maintain a state of feeling calm, relaxed and in control, no matter what happens during her birth.

We recognise that when a woman who looks back on her birth its imperative that she feels positive about her experience.

As a birth educator, my focus is not how you birth. You can have a c-section, water birth, forceps, whatever. My focus is how you feel about your birth.

On my courses I teach you signs for labour and what to do, breathing techniques, exactly how to maintain control and your rights in the birthing room.

These elements are the same, no matter what path your birthing takes!

I know hypnobirthing conjures the image of women with their eyes closed in a birthing pool, and yes, many do birth like that. But really, hypnobirthing is about empowerment.

Being empowered with information, an education, a plan. Being ready for any twists and turns. Having the confidence to trust your instincts, ask questions and make informed decisions.

I teach you to work together with your birth partner, to trust your baby, and to achieve personalised birth support, individualised to youand yourneeds.

I always say to women, don't go into birth "hoping for the best". Go into it informed, educated and empowered. Be calm, confident and equipped with the tools for a positive experience that will stay with you not just throughout your birth and early motherhood, but for the rest of your life.

For more information on what I do, visit my page on hypnobirthing here. All my upcoming course dates are here.

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I've got you! Georgia x

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