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Georgia's Birth Easy 2020 Round Up

What a year it's been....!

I've always been incredibly passionate about my job, but when the pandemic hit, it was a whole new level.

Never before have pregnant women felt so anxious, finding themselves in the vulnerable category, and stories emerging of women going to scans alone and birthing without their birth partners.

It became a really troubling time, sending stress and anxiety levels through the roof, with a surge in homebirths as mothers were trying to shun hospitals and the risks and restrictions that came with them.

I recall when Lockdown hit in March, I was halfway through a course. I, along with the rest of the world it seemed, scrambled to find alternative ways to continue work.

The funny thing is, one of my goals I set at the beginning of 2020, was to start offering my services online. It seemed like a huge challenge; a logistical nightmare involving technology which really wasn't my area of expertise.

However, there's nothing quite like a pandemic to thrust it upon you. So lo-and-behold, literally overnight, all of my services went online.

I continued my existing course via Zoom and gained excellent feedback stating that it didn't feel any different, and clients actually enjoyed the relaxation in the comfort of their own home. Winning!

As the pandemic took hold things went quiet, as couples tried to get their head around what was happening and the implications involved. But as the year went on, I became busier and busier. I've found a wave of new mothers wanting to take control of their birth and use Hypnobirthing techniques to do that.

What I tried to do throughout the things, even in the most overwhelming times, is to remain visible. I wanted people to know I was here, for a chat, a cry, a rant. Whatever! I'm here, sometimes just knowing that is comforting to some.

I introduced Coaching Calls in the summer, for those who do not wish to attend a full course but want a one-to-one session preparing them for birth. The sessions are totally tailored to their needs, so could be on breathing techniques, birth plans, or how your birth partner can support you.

And for those who wish to dive into the full program and really get to grips with all that Hypnobirthing has to offer, there's the choice of face-to-face sessions or online.

By being online, I've found that I am accessible to mothers up and down the country and that's exactly what has happened. I've had clients in Manchester, Surrey, Kent, to name a few... making my services nationwide, rather than local. How incredible is that?!

And no matter where you are in the country, even the world, the positive birth stories kept coming through! There were messages from clients, maternity staff going above and beyond taking to social media to reassure mums, and couples opting for homebirths and absolutely rocking it, filming it, and sharing it for the world to see.

And now it seems, those "Lockdown Babies" the media so widely reported on, are starting to make an appearance. The theory being that people stayed at home and made babies...something like that...! Anyhow, fast-forward to December 2020 and I now have a thriving business that offers services both online and face-to-face.

This time last year, I'd never dream that I'd be rounding 2020 up like this; it feels pretty deep. But let's face it, it's been an epic year.

And despite all it's challenges I am so grateful because I have learnt and achieved so much professionally and personally. The world keeps turning, people still have babies and wine helps a lot!

If you're interested in Hypnobirthing, why not join one of my Hypnobirthing Tasters. Find out more here.

If you're interested in a Coaching Call, read all about them here.

And if you fancy taking control of your birth, and diving into the world of Hypnobirthing (it's a game changer!), then click here.

I'd love to support you.

Here's to 2021 - may it be covid-free!

Georgia x

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