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Birth Story of the Month - Louise & Tallulah

Louise, Phil & Baby Tallulah

When Louise signed up to my course with a phobia of blood and needles I was really excited. I knew hypnobirthing was going to have a profound effect on her.

Here, she shares her story of her incredible birth, and the arrival of her beautiful baby girl.

Facts: Hospital birth, consultant led unit, first baby,

Tallulah Robyn Giffin 28/11/19 Both my husband and I weren’t sure if Hypnobirthing was for us. So after a few exchanged emails with Georgia we booked a taster class and we were both hooked!  It opened our eyes to a whole new fearless and positive way to give birth. Not to mention how comfortable we felt with Georgia no matter how silly some of my questions were. 

The labour My cramps started at 11:30am,  I was so relaxed and ready I felt excited instead of scared. Using the techniques and advice I got from hypnobirthing I stayed calm and at home until 11pm that evening.

Listening to my affirmations and using my ball to get comfortable, up until my contractions were so close we didn’t have long to get to the hospital.  I had hoped for a water birth in the birthing centre at The Rosie but unfortunately I started to bleed during contractions so had to go into the delivery unit. 

Although this wasn’t what I planned, I knew I could still have a great birth anywhere, because of the tools and knowledge I’d been given by Georgia. I knew exactly what was going on and what my options were.  Once I told our midwife I’d be using Hypnobirthing during my labour I’m sure she looked chuffed, she was almost relieved and very supportive. 

Louise just 4 minutes before Tallulah was born

Because of the affirmations and breathing techniques I’d learnt, I didn’t once feel the need for pain relief even when offered. I kept calm, my husband knew exactly what to do for me (after reading our wise hippo manual) and there was no need for any screaming or shouting at all.  All these things I’m convinced are what made my labour progress quickly and smoothly.   From 3cm dilated to our amazing daughter being born in just 1 hour 10mins and I’d do it again tomorrow.  I felt so confident. I knew exactly what to do, where to be to deliver my baby and let my body and baby do all the work.  She is such a content baby and has been since birth because of the relaxed delivery.  I couldn’t thank Georgia enough for making this whole experience such a positive one for us all. 

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