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Birth Photos you're gonna love...

The annual competition by International Association of Professional Birth Photographers celebrates the beauty of birth and the skill of birth photographers around the globe in five categories --labor, delivery, postpartum, birth details and fresh 48.

The association’s annual photo competition, which encompasses more that 1,100 members in 52 countries, recognises its members and their best work on an international platform. The competition has grown in scope each year. Highly anticipated, the results quickly go viral each year when the winners are announced.

And I for one, can't wait for the email each February. However, after the year we had, I wasn't sure what to expect.

“Despite birth photographers worldwide losing a majority of their work and income in 2020 due to the global pandemic, I am thrilled to be able to feature the talent of our members in our annual image competition,” said Liz Cook, the Director.

Phew! Cook continued to say: “We are incredibly proud of the entrants of this year’s competition because in spite of all we endured in our community in recent months, this contest represents the resistance birth photographers have to overcome unforeseen challenges."

So here are just a few of my favourites, who made the shortlist. Enjoy!

Lisa Phillips Photography - "The Strength Within You Is Greater Than Any Storm"

Kate Kennedy Birth Photography - "Birthing Queen"

Jessica Henderson Photography - "A Dose of Mother Nature"

Ashley Marston Birth Photography - "Daddy's Girls"

Danny Merz Gebertsreportage - “Grace”

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