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7 Reasons why Hypnobirthing is Good for Blokes Too

One of my biggest pet peeves as a Birth Educator is hearing stories from dad and birth partners who rendered themselves "useless", "a spare part" as they "watched from the side lines" as their loved ones agonise through labour.


That's why Hypnobirthing is so important. It allows you to prepare as a team, it guides the mother on techniques for breathing and relaxation and guides the birth partner on specific ways they can support and help the mother.

Let's face it though, you can bet your bottom dollar that a Hypnobirthing programme isn't your partner's idea. I've had expectant dad's walk through my door greeting me with: "So where are the incense sticks then?" or "Are we going to be chanting in a circle?". I get it, Hypnobirthing can sound "airy-fairy" to someone who has no knowledge of it. But once the first session is over Dad's walk away picking their jaw up off the floor; little did they know it would be so science and theory based. Hell yeah!

So here are 7 solid reasons why hypnobirthing is for blokes too...

  1. It will help him bond with you and your baby - we discuss lots of ways Dad can bond with your unborn baby because already, they'll recognise Dad's voice and touch

  2. It will help him relax - Dad's rave about my relaxation tracks, it gives them the perfect excuse to switch off and catch 20 winks and any dads suffering with anxiety or stress of the daily grind, says it really helps

  3. He'll learn about the subconscious in a way he's never done before. Think of it as a cool science lesson - Dad's love all that shiz

  4. It develops empathy - some blokes struggle with this; what to say to their loved ones during labour. Fret not, he'll be armed with phrases and triggers to relax you...yes really!

  5. Helpless no more - we guide birth partners on exactly what they can do to get you through it, from simple snacks and nurturing, to using their BRAINS and becoming the walking birth plan. They will be ON IT!

  6. It is the perfect way to prepare for the birth as a team - this means he will feel just as important on this special journey

  7. From this day forward - the skills you learn in hypnobirthing aren't just for birth. My husband still listens to the tracks when he has a bout of tinnitus or when he fell into a ditch of stinging nettles (don't ask!). These relaxation tracks and the techniques you learn can be used for the rest of your life, not just birth.

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