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5 Top TED Talks to Prepare for Labour

Updated: Jan 25

You can never know enough when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth and babies. So inevitably, in my third pregnancy I dived into re-reading the books and even explored TED Talks too.

TED talks were around when I was pregnant with both Sonny and Lex. However, this time round without a doubt, there is much more extensive content on Ted Talks and in particular, talks surrounding childbirth.

The talks are incredibly powerful, having the capacity to change mind, perspective and empower you going into birth.

So here they are, my top Ted Talks:

Reducing fear of birth in US culture

Ina May Gaskin at TedX Sacramento

Ina May Gaskin, arguably the most prolific figure in natural birthing, talks through her decades of experience birthing thousands of babies naturally, following natural instincts.

The Power of Hypnobirthing

Bee Ting Ng

This mother explains her experience, the difference Hypnobirthing made for her and why more people need to listen up and understand the power of Hypnobirthing. A great eye-opener and introduction to the basic principles of Hypnobirthing.

Who Delivered your Baby?

Ashley Greenwald Tragash

Ashley is a behavioural psychologist looking at the wider perspectives of birth and explores why we do not trust women to deliver their own baby.

She explores how the power of birth has been taken away from women and placed into the hands on medical personnel.

And what does a healthy mum and healthy baby mean? Watch this talk and find out.

Home or Hospital? Holding the space for Human Births

Saraswathi Vedam at TEDxAmherstCollege

This TED talk explores the differences between home births and hospital births globally and looks at the fundamental things we need to birth effectively, no matter where they are.

Show me the Data - Become an expert in yourself

Talithia Williams

I watched this TED Talk when I was pregnant with Sonny and I fundamentally believe it shaped the birth I had.

Talithia is a statistician who talks about knowing your body, owning your data and trusting your gut. This is so important when pregnant or giving birth, being told you have to do something when there is a risk. Talithia encourages you to dig deeper for data, how big are the risks?

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I've got you!

Georgia x

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