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You're one step closer to a positive birth experience.

Did you know there's at least 23 practical ways to prepare for birth? How have you prepared for your birth? My midwife endorsed courses remove all fear and give you the tools and techniques to birth confidently and take control of your birth experience. You wouldn't run a marathon without training - the same goes for childbirth! 


A Taster Session

Is Hypnobirthing for you? Why not try before you buy and attend my Hypnobirthing Taster?

I will introduce you to Hypnobirthing and The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme. You'll leave with a set of skills to help both you and your birthing partner during birth.


The tools to birth confidently

A ten hour hypnobirthing course where you will learn the physiology of birth, how to practice relaxation, how to prepare your birthing environment, birth positions and the birth partner's role. You will go into birth relaxed, calm & confident.


Boost your confidence before birth

Do you need a one-to-one session to give you that extra boost before labour? My 

Coaching Calls ensure you are confident and prepared for the biggest day of your life. These one-to-one calls are tailored to you and don't have to involve Hypnobirthing.

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I am aware that the world may be causing increasing amounts of anxiety, particularly for pregnant people and new parents. That's why I now teach ALL of my sessions online.


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