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It takes a village... {Part 1}

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Image by the very talented Helene The Illustrator

Have you ever heard of the saying: "Birthing is the easy part, there's no epidural to motherhood."

Sounds scary doesn't it?! But let's face it, motherhood has gotta be one of life's steepest learning curves going. You're handed a baby, sent on your merry way and have to pretty much learn on the job.

Some say there's nothing you can do to prepare you for motherhood, but in my opinion there's plenty of ways to smooth the transition. 

I'm here with a couple of instalments on things you and your partner can think about, discuss, and even do in advance to ease yourselves into your new roles as parents.

Here's 8 things to consider on your postnatal journey...

List everyone who can help in advance and tell them what you would like them to help with – your time & energy is on baby, so who’s time and energy is on you? 

Choose your supporters wisely, in that ideally they should be both helpful and make you feel good

You may feel lots of doubt and worry; hormones can lead to a range of emotions you may never have felt before, this is normal but it’s a good idea that your supportters look out for you and make sure you’re coping well.

Keep early afternoons free for napping which is when most of us are at our sleepiestMake sure you’ve got space and privacy, even getting dressed can be a challenge so minimise visitors where you can

Hand over the telephone calls and text message duties to your partner or family member if you want to….there’s no rush.

Consider hiring a postnatal doula – or get family & friends to buy you doula vouchers

Get your partner on board with your postnatal need for rest. Work together on what tasks can be dumped, outsourced or taken on by your partner

Check out this lovely infographic which focuses on postpartum life, what's important and what's not!

Take note Mamas and be kind to yourselves.

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I've got you!

Georgia x

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