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How Does It Feel to Be Hypnotised?

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Have you ever been hypnotised before? How did it feel? This is a question I ask all my clients. I find the majority have no experience.

In fact, most people's only experience of hypnosis is a stage or tv hypnotic show which is how we've developed false ideas on what hypnosis is. 

Inevitably then, our perception of hypnosis is of people doing silly things while in a state of trance. And you're left thinking:  "surely they have no idea what they are doing..". But the truth is, they do! 

A good comparison to describe the feeling of this kind of hypnosis is when you've had too much to drink. You know you can stop yourself from saying or doing something but you don't, because the drink gives you an excuse. And physiologically, it quiets down the more rational side of the brain. Being hypnotised is the same.

Please be assured, the hypnosis you may know might get people to do ridiculous things, but if it went completely against their moral code, they really wouldn't do it. The subconscious doesn't make moral judgement, the conscious does. So the conscious can override and take over at any time.

Going back to how hypnosis feels, it's often described as a super relaxed state. And that's definitely what I'm aiming for with my clients. Infact, some of my clients are so relaxed, they fall asleep. Snoring and all! And that's fine, because your subconscious listens to suggestions for up to an hour after nodding off. 

Some people feel heavy during trance, like they're sinking into the surface. Others feel light and tingly, like they're floating. And some feel nothing, but are just as switched on with what they're listening to. 

However you feel, in my sessions, my aim is that you feel totally relaxed and at ease. You are in total control of your thoughts, what you're listening to and how relaxed you feel. The key is to have the confidence to just consciously let go, and that's when wonderful things happen!

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