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BLACK FRIDAY has come to BIRTH EASY WITH GEORGIA. Whoop Whoop!!! 🎉

The big bargain bonanza weekend is next week, and the countdown is on. But here at Birth Easy, the time is NOW!

I'm offering £50 OFF + A FREE REFRESHER SESSION for all group course bookings made over the next 2 weeks! Hell yeah!

My full Wise Hippo Birthing Programme will be available for just £200, that's a whopping 20% off! And that's not all, you'll get a FREE WEEKDAY REFRESHER closer to your due date, to top up on everything you've learnt.

The Birthing Programme prepares couples for Birth. We cover the physiology of birth and how fear is the birthing rooms enemy. We remove fear and become a master of relaxation. We discuss Birth Planning and how to create a tip-top birth plan. And we look at the Birth Partners role, yes! The Birth partners role is just as important as the mother's role.

Not only that but you'll get 7 FREE MP3s to practise with, a handbook, access to a support group, lots of birthing footage and me ofcourse!

My clients join my course anxious and fearful. By the time they've completed the course, they leave calm, confident and excited about the birth of their baby. It's life-changing. \


Here's what some of my clients have to say:

"I feel like I owe [Georgia] so much. I'm so glad I found hypnobirthing & will continue to recommend it to every pregnant person I speak to."

"I felt empowered to ask the right thing with [Georgia's] knowledge in my pocket! I knew nothing about breech before all this and I felt ready to do it after speaking with you!"

"The birth couldn't have one more smoothly, thank you so much for all your help and support Georgia. Hypnobirthing + Homebirth = game changer."

"I couldn't have done without [Georgia]. The difference in experiences and outcome were unbelievable."


To book your place contact me here. You don't have to pay the course in full, a £50 deposit will secure your place. So what are you waiting for?! ⚡️🤰🏻⚡️🤰🏻⚡️🤰🏻

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