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Birth Story of the Month - Corinne & Imogen

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

This incredible story is from Corinne Hayden and her beautiful little Imogen who will be turning one in a couple of weeks. Time flies....!

Facts: Hospital Birth, Consultant Led Unit, first baby, 9.5 hours

It was early hours of the morning around 1am on Saturday 8th December that things started happening.

I laid in bed wondering if this was the real deal or if I just had tummy pain. After an hour I felt things ramping up. I lay in bed concentrating on my breathing using techniques that I had been taught. 

Ricky laid in bed next to me and could hear me breathing so woke up to see if I was ok. I excitedly told him ‘I think it’s happening’. 

I got out of bed and run myself a bath. The bath was amazing and really helped me to relax. Ricky started timing my surges which were already 5 mins apart. We called the birthing unit and they said to wait until they were 3 mins apart. 

I was so in control and felt strong in my body and mind.

Ricky, who was slightly hesitant about doing the course originally was amazing throughout, he really helped me stay in control. 

When I got out the bath he did the light touch massage that we had been taught. Very quickly things progressed and my surges were 3 mins. I then started bleeding really heavily. Ricky called the birthing unit and I was told to instantly make my way to the labour ward.

I was disappointed as I always wanted to give birth in the birthing pool but I continued to stay positive. We arrived at the hospital at around 5am. Because of the bleed they had to monitor my babies heart rate to make sure all was ok.

The midwives said they could not believe I was a first time mum as I seemed to know exactly what to do. 

On arrival I was told I was 7cm dilated and her heart rate was perfect. Every time a surge would come Ricky really helped me to stay focused and reminded me to relax my body as I kept tensing up my shoulders.

As soon as I relaxed them it made the surges come and go with ease. I can’t explain how amazing he was! I used gas and air only as pain relief and never felt the need for anything else. 

By 6pm I was fully dilated and was told I could push. I was getting myself in all sorts of positions throughout the labour mindful of the fact I wanted to be upright. The midwives said they could not believe I was a first time mum as I seemed to know exactly what to do. 

I ended up trying to get my baby out for 2 hours but it didn’t seem to be happening. At this point I was really tiring and they recommended forceps delivery. As much as I wanted a to be able to it all myself I knew I needed some help.

Within 2 mins, at 10:40am my beautiful baby girl, Imogen Sylvie Light was born. She was instantly placed on my chest. We had skin to skin for over an hour.

I felt so proud and overwhelmed. Although everything didn’t go exactly to plan, I was so happy with the whole experience.

I feel like I owe so much to Georgia. I’m so glad I found hypnobirthing and will continue to recommend it to every pregnant person I speak to. 

If you'd like to attend one of hypnobirthing course, or perhaps a Relaxation Taster session, you can find more information here.

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