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Georgia's Birth Easy 2019 Round Up

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

What a year it was, both professionally and personally.

Firstly, what an honour, to be part of such a special journey, helping parents prepare for the birth of their baby. I worked with such an array of parents too; those who had had traumatic experiences first time round, hoping for a different approach for the second, first time parents taking ownership and preparing for their birth. There was even one mother who had a phobia of blood, hospitals and needles. She absolutely nailed her birth, I might add!

There are two birth stories that stick with me from 2019. The first is mum Mandy who had a traumatic first birth. Second time round she and her birth partner decided to do hypnobirthing and opt for a homebirth. So cool and calm was she, that she even fooled the midwife who was about to "pop out" before Mandy said, "I need to push!"

Then there was Lou, a first time mum who had a very stressful pregnancy. She absolutely smashed her birth. I can say that because, inspired by my own footage, she and her birth partner decided to film it. Watching it I heard the midwife ask "Are you having a contraction?", which she was...she was just so calm they couldn't even tell. Incredible!

Something else I enjoyed this year is being able to host my classes at home. Following a renovation of our house I was able to create a relaxing home-from-home environment to open doors and welcome all my new couples in. It's so much more relaxing to be sat on the warm sofa of someone's home than the hard plastic chairs in a stark village hall. 

Then there was the networking, not something I'm used to, but thanks to the Thrive Collective headed by Sam Dixon, I found like-minded local businesswomen to meet with. Some of whom are particular holistic practitioners which led to the birth of The Baby Chain - a collaboration of  passionate practitioners to support women on their journey through fertility, pregnancy and beyond. We have exciting plans for 2020 - watch this space!

And lastly, a very exciting bit for me, is bringing my Mamas together again, at coffee mornings at my house. Not only do I get my baby-fix, to keep the broodiness at bay, but I bring all the mums together to share stories, get out of the house and support each other. And on top of that, there's a different practitioner at each one, so mother's get a massage, a women's health assessment, an introduction to Baby Massage and more. I call them "Mama Meets..." - it's all for the mums, because you know what they say... "everyone hugs the baby, but who's hugging the mum?"

And on that note I just want to say to all the mums I've worked with, and to any new mums coming my way, it's okay, I got you!

Here's to 2020!

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